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You Only Have One Chance To Do Solar Right

Equipping Arizona and California homeowners with the knowledge they need to go solar the right way for over 30 years.


There is no guarantee your home is qualified for solar panel installation.
Our team of energy experts are happy to speak with you to find out if you are.

Residential Solar Panel Installation Company

There’s one good reason every homeowner who can switch to solar absolutely should. Well, truth be told, there are many good reasons. With pollution and emissions at an all-time high, it’s fantastic for the environment to switch to solar. Renewable energy helps cut down massively on environmental damage. There’s also the appeal of helping the local economy flourish by supporting a solar panel installation companies. There’s the benefit of having reserve energy in a battery for emergencies, and there’s the aesthetic of elegantly designed panels on a modern home, and you can even say there’s a benefit in investing while the tech is affordable. You never know. But none of those reasons are going to appeal to everyone. 

You’ve Just Found One of the Most Reliable Solar Panel Installation Companies

No, the one good reason for every single homeowner to consider solar is this: You’re taking control over your energy source and its finances. Right now, you’re at the mercy of your power grid and the big companies that control it. In other words, your basic need for electricity is in the hands of some overgrown business that doesn’t know or care about you. They’ll raise the prices as much as they can get away with to increase profits, and prices are going up fast. And unless you want to go without power, what can you do? 

You can come to us for some high-quality residential solar panel installation that’s what. You won’t just be taking back control over your energy finances; you’ll be bettering them all the while. Solar energy can help you cut down your monthly electricity bills or even cancel them out entirely. 

How often will a single product completely eliminate a monthly bill for you? When else does that ever happen? We at SunUp America can make it happen. 







Get Our Residential Solar Panel Installation Companies - Get Seasoned Advice at No Cost

All houses are not built equal. If your house is particularly old or designed a certain way, you might not know for sure if you can even get solar panels installed. Finding that out is only fair, and it shouldn’t cost you. And with us as your solar panel installation company in the US, it won’t. We can provide you with a totally free consultation and quote concerning your home’s suitability for 

solar. If your home can support solar, we can tell you how much it will cost. It’s that easy. 

Solar Panel Installation Company - We Make Solar More Worth It Than Ever

Solar used to be too expensive to justify an admittedly mediocre performance. It used to be that, if one panel in a system was underperforming, then all of them would. Your solar system could only function as well as its least functional panel. It wasn’t worth it.

Thanks to developments in the field, that’s not the case anymore. With a proper solar energy brand, you can have a system with micro-inverters, which makes sure that every panel in your solar setup operates independently of the others. If one panel is under shade, the others won’t be affected. Your system will be running at full steam almost all the time, saving you tons of money on bills in the long run. 

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Switching to solar just makes sense; doesn’t it also make sense to trust the process to the best of the solar panel installation company? To get your free solar quote, simply submit the quote request under “Contact Us.”. SunUp America offers their services in different areas of Texas including:

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