Case Studies: Benefiting from the Sun

Laundromat goes Solar

With time, more and more people are benefiting from the sun. Woody’s Laundromat is an example of a business who has used current solar technology available in the market to save money. In 2012, Woody’s Laundromat invested in a solar water heater system to replace their old heating system used for hot water production for their 33 washers. Not only did his investment benefit their pockets in the long run, but it also significantly increased their daily customer volume.

Woody’s Laundromat has 33 washers and approximately 1,00 gallons of hot water are utilized on a daily basis. The owner recognized that relying on natural gas to heat up water was absurd, when solar water heating systems do the same exact thing but use the sun as a source of heat. The total cost for the 18-panel solar water heating system that was installed on the roof of the business came to be around $8,888 after various incentives and rebates. This significant switch has many different advantages. Such systems are designed to last for about 20 years, which means the owner will be saving money for the next 20 years while having the same operating conditions. Aside from the economic benefits, the reduction of natural gas consumption will lead to an offset of approximately 26,600 lbs of CO2. Below are some key statistics of the investment made by Woody’s.


  • Equipment: 33 washers, 40 dryers

  • Demand: 1,000 gallons of hot water per day

  • Collector output per day: 10 therms

  • Collectors: 18 panels

  • Storage tanks: two 264-gallon storage tanks


  • Annual lbs. of CO2 offset: 26,600 lbs


  • Total project cost: approximately $60,000

  • California CSI Thermal State Rebate: -$15,300

  • 30% Federal Incentive Tax Credit: – $17,988

  • Possible 179 Depreciation Deduction: $-17,838

  • Federal Tax on State Rebate: +$5,355

  • Possible MACRS State Depreciation: -$5,300

  • Estimated Net System Cost: $ 8,888

  • Annual Fuel Units Saved: 2,275 therms

  • Estimated Return on Investment: 3.891 Years

Multifamily Building goes Solar

The owner of a multi-family complex building has invested in her property and in her tenants by going solar and is now saving thousands of dollars per year. In 2009 the owner decided to install 232 square feet of solar thermal collector area which currently provides more than 60% of the thermal energy needed for domestic water heating. Due to the great reduction in natural gas prices the owner has begun to install similar solar water heating systems in her other properties and hopes to one day fulfill all of her properties’ energy needs with solar technology. This specific system is has an estimated lifespan of about 25 years.


  • Building: 15 units with approximately 50 people in total

  • Collector: 8 Schüco 232 sq ft Premium LA collectors

  • Storage tank: one 360-gallon storage tank

These are only two out of thousands of people who have realized the economic potential behind solar. As we progress as a civilization it is crucial for us to become sustainable in every aspect in order to account for our future generations’ needs. Slowly but surely, this planet will eventually be powered by the sun.

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