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Solar Surprise

Solar Panels on Phoenix Arizona Home

Solar Panel Installation in Anthem

As energy costs continue to rise and there are increasing concerns over the environment, you have the means to deal with both problems. That’s by installing solar panels in Anthem,AZ that will generate electricity that’s not only free but also clean.

Solar Panel Installation Phoenix Arizona

Save on Energy Costs with Anthem Solar Panel Installation

While energy prices have risen steeply, the cost of solar panels has fallen steadily and more government incentives are on offer to encourage people to install solar power systems. As a result, it’s reckoned that 40% of the country’s electricity supply could come from solar by 2035. Many solar companies in Anthem will therefore offer you the opportunity to join the changeover and, with more than thirty years of experience in the business, SunUp America is at the forefront of that movement.

The Benefits of Solar Panels in Anthem, Arizona

The growth of solar installation in Anthem, and the reasons you should benefit from it, are due to a number of factors:

  • Electricity bills will be reduced because you’ll benefit from free electricity during daylight hours. Some estimates put potential savings as high as 90% of existing bills and, although we can’t guarantee any particular level of savings, these should be high in a sunny state such as Arizona where panels will work well.

  • Tax incentives are available, as are payments for the excess electricity you generate, so you’ll have even more monetary gains.

  • You’ll be less reliant on power companies and so will be protected from power outages.

  • Solar systems have hardly any moving parts so there’s little that can go wrong and no maintenance is necessary.

  • By reducing the need for fossil fuels and using renewable energy that produces no emissions, you’ll be doing your bit to protect the planet.

  • Solar panels are quick to install with no mess and, once they’re in place, you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

  • Solar power is cost-effective so, with the savings you’ll make plus the value of incentives, you’ll soon recover the initial cost and benefit from electricity that’s truly free. And since a system can work effectively for 25 years and more, that can be for a very long time.

  • Your property will appreciate in value once solar panels are installed because future buyers will appreciate their worth and the panels don’t spoil a property’s aesthetic appearance.

Act Quickly to Get Full Benefits from Solar Panels in Anthem, AZ

The cost of energy is certain to continue to increase while fossil fuels can only harm the environment further. You should therefore switch to solar panel in Anthem as soon as possible so you gain all the benefits without further delay. It’s also true that the current level of financial incentives may not continue so it’s best not to delay.

Complete the form or call us to start the process and you’ll soon have solar power and all the benefits that it brings. Waiting will only delay the benefits and may mean you’ll miss out on incentives that can be withdrawn.

We have many years of experience in successfully installing solar panel in Anthem, AZ and other different locations in Arizona including solar panel in Surprise, AZ, and solar panels in Peoria so we know exactly what needs to be done. With our help, you’ll avoid the problem of obtaining permits, will be assured of getting the highest quality of system correctly installed and will receive all the financial incentives that are due to you. And you don’t just have to take our word for it because every system is covered by a 25-year warranty that includes problems caused by any faulty parts or labor so you’ll have total peace of mind.

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