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Solar Surprise

Solar Panels on Phoenix Arizona Home

Solar Panels Surprise, AZ

Solar panels in Surprise AZ work by converting sunlight into electrical energy that you can use to power various appliances. Although that sounds fairly simple, it has the ability to drastically reduce your energy bills and help the environment by creating clean fuel from a sustainable resource.

Solar Panel Installation Phoenix Arizona

Generating Electricity from Solar Panels in Surprise, AZ

There are two main ways to create electricity from sunlight:

  • concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) collects solar energy using mirrors that concentrate it before converting it to heat and generating electricity, and is used mainly in large power plants

  • photovoltaics (PV) use solar panels that absorb the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity; this is the method used for residential properties and small-scale commercial applications.

Install Solar Panels in Surprise, AZ for the Best Outcome

Several solar companies in Surprise AZ will supply and install PV solar panels but few, if any, will give as comprehensive a service as we do at SunUp America. We not only design, fit and activate the system, but we also sort out the permitting, ensure you benefit fully from all financial incentives that are available and integrate your solar panels with your home electricity, including your HVAC system, as well as the grid. In short, we make sure you gain the maximum benefit from your system, both financially and in terms of comfort.

Not all homes can benefit from solar power but, in sunny Arizona, most can. To gain maximum benefit, you need:

  • Ideally, a roof that faces due south since this will give maximum exposure to the sun. However, east and west-facing roofs can use the sun at different times of the day while modern solar panels are far better than their predecessors at capturing solar energy and even work well on cloudy days.

  • Sufficient roof space to make the installation of panels worthwhile, although most homes will have enough.

  • A clear roof that isn’t shaded by trees or tall buildings for most of the day, which will reduce the effectiveness of the panels in their ability to create electricity.

  • Our services not only include Surprise,AZ but we operate in different locations including commercial solar panels in Peoriasolar panels in Gilbert, and solar panels in Chandler

A Custom-made Solar Panel in Surprise, AZ just for you!

Before we install solar panels in Surprise, we will survey your property and ensure it’s suitable for a system that will generate sufficient electricity. Most properties are. We’ll then design a system that will work, positioning panels either vertically or horizontally so they fit around chimneys, vents and other obstructions to make the best use of the roof space while being aesthetically pleasing.

Once you agree on the design and the accompanying quotation, we’ll obtain the necessary permits plus all available financial incentives, then fit the panels and connect them to your existing power system so that everything, including your HVAC system, is powered by the sun’s energy when it’s available during daylight hours. We’ll ensure everything works as it should do before calling the installation complete. After that, we’re always available if you have any questions or problems, although our solar panels in Surprise,AZ are normally trouble-free.

Once you’re up and running, everything will just work with no intervention necessary. You’ll benefit from free and clean electricity and, if you generate more than you need, you’ll be paid for producing it. So don’t waste money unnecessarily paying the power companies; get in touch now and start benefiting.

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